Serpentine is a character in the Aliverse, as well as one of the main villains.

Other info Edit

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: O-

Friends: Evil Renegade (love interest/husband), Sherri Martel (sister-like friend), Zephyr (ex-boyfriend and best friend), Jabulani (trusted therapist) and other members of Team Venom

Enemies: Ali Moonbeam (her punching bag), her family, Team Wynaut, Interpol and others

Paradise Academy grade: 4th year (Catholic House)

Religion: Atheist/Satanist

Favorite subject: None

Least favorite subject: All

Favorite food: Anything char-broiled and spicy

Least favorite food: None

Favorite sport: Lacrosse

Least favorite sport: All

Strong points: Witchcraft, spells and hexes, murder

His trouble with: Her family

Attitude: Fierce, aggressive, cold-hearted, sadistic, sexy

Hair color: Black with red streaks

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

  • Goth subculture
  • The colors black and red
  • Goth music
  • Tarot
  • Spells and hexes
  • Black roses
  • Satanic rituals
  • Murder
  • Pleasure from killing Orderlies for their constant failures
  • Drinking
  • Her husband Evil Renegade
  • Sex
  • Abusing Ali emotionally, verbally and physically
  • Committing crimes (she even has a long criminal record to boot)
  • Drugs

Dislikes Edit

  • Her family (from whom she's currently disowned)
  • School
  • Interpol
  • Her twin sister Ali (both were born ten minutes apart; Ali is the older twin)
  • Team Wynaut
  • Hitman's Resistance
  • Macho Resistance
  • Being called "Shirlia" (her birth name)
  • Failure
  • Doing good deeds

Trivia Edit

  • While incarcerated at New Alcatraz, she had sex with Nailz one time.
  • As a student at Paradise Academy, she claims to be a transfer student from Soviet Russia (despite the Soviet Union dissolving in 1991).
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