Marty is a character in the Aliverse.

Other info Edit

Alignment: Neutral Good

Star Sign: Aquarius

Blood type: A

Friends: Shawn Michaels (fellow Interpol partner and mentor), Rindy Ross (girlfriend), Diesel (protector and father-figure), Goldust (when Marty is Obsidian) and many others

Enemies: Team Venom

Paradise Academy grade: 3rd Year (Moon House)

Interpol rank: Junior Elite Officer

Fear: Bombs, Sherri

Favorite subject: Health

Least favorite subject: None

Favorite food: Chicken

Least favorite food: Radishes

Favorite sport: Wrestling, boxing and tennis

Least favorite sport: Track and Field

Strong points: Keeping his friends and himself safe

Has trouble with: Bombs, his wolf curse, cigarettes, his mild asthma, Hunter always treating him like a baby

Attitude: Protective, weak, cautious, defensive, shy, insecure

Hair color: Brown

Ultra Guardian color: Cyan

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

  • Keeping things at a safe distance
  • Health class
  • Helping others
  • Occasional drinking
  • Chess
  • Help from Shawn and Diesel

Dislikes Edit

  • Bombs (his worst fear)
  • Letting his wolf curse get the better of him
  • Dangerous situations
  • Team Venom
  • Sherri attacking him
  • Loneliness
  • Cigarettes
  • People hurting Rindy
  • Bobby Heenan and JBL harassing him for his Asperger's syndrome

Trivia Edit

  • He was tested negative for having SCID as a newborn; Marty spent the first week of his life in a germ-free incubator before being released after tests came back negative.
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