Edina is a character in the Aliverse.

Personality Edit

Edina is a shy woman with a big heart. As a librarian at Paradise Academy, she is shy, quiet and hesitates to speak openly unless approached. This causes her to often worry and fret over small things and she struggles to handle more energetic people like Roddy Piper. She is shown to be comfortable speaking to Bret Hart, whom she considers her calming mentor and friend (later her husband). As shown in the Halloween special, Edina is easily scared and in most episodes (including her debut episode), she tries to escape from danger in the middle of verbal and physical fights. However, she slowly managed to overcome her shyness and was out-going towards others for a time; but unfortunately, her shyness returned when Bobby Heenan transported her to the Nether Realm and came back, rendering her unable to interact with anyone other than Bret. She finally overcomes her shyness when she is revealed to engage herself in hand-to-hand combat with many of Team Venom's orderlies to protect her husband. She's also revealed to be an expert in using weaponry.

Other info Edit

Alignment: Neutral Good

Star Sign: Aquarius

Blood type: AB

Friends: Bret Hart (husband), Jane Vasey, Louis Potgieter, Henriette Strobel, Wolfgang Heichel, Leslie Mandoki, Steve Bender and others

Enemies: Team Venom

Occupation: Librarian at Paradise Academy

Fear: Scary things, loud noises, crowds

Favorite color(s): Orange, yellow and red

Favorite food: Cake and pasta

Least favorite food: Sardines

Favorite sport: None

Least favorite sport: None

Hobbies: Reading, figure skating

Strong points: Reading

Has trouble with: Fighting

Attitude: Very shy

Hair color: Dark brown

Ultra Guardian color: Saffron

Interests Edit

Likes Edit

  • Quiet places
  • Puzzles
  • Her husband/calming mentor Bret Hart
  • Reading
  • Cake
  • Animals
  • Dancing
  • Figure skating
  • Hitman's Resistance (makes her feel safer)
  • Horoscopes

Dislikes Edit

  • Troublemakers
  • Horror movies
  • Ghosts
  • Team Venom
  • Crowds
  • Loud noises
  • Scary things
  • Verbal and physical fights (formerly)

Trivia Edit

  • She is single in real life, but is married to Bret Hart in the Aliverse.
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